The Isle of Wight Reptilarium is an all weather tourist attraction based on the Isle of Wight, Situated at the site of the old Marine Aquarium at Fort Victoria Country Park, Freshwater, 

Our exhibit of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates of the world are in naturalistic themed displays that explore the biomes these animals inhabit, we want to educate the public to the threats these animals face in the wild as well as our native herpetofauna that can be found on our doorstep in the adjacent country park. 

We are a small indoor, chargeable exhibit, that will take around 1.5 hours to explore (if you look at all the animals), we have live Reptiles, Amphibians and invertebrates on display to educate and inspire our visitors, 

We really want to help the future generations and currently there is a shortage of suitable work experience placements on the Island for students looking to study Animal Care, we would like to provide much needed placements as well as traineeships and apprenticeships in conjunction with Island Training providers so we can inspire and enthuse the next generations of conservationists and animal care professionals, giving them basic work and animal care skills they can carry forward onto greater things. 

We also incorporate a Sanctuary for unwanted freshwater turtles that have been acquired as pets but now grown too large to be housed correctly at home,

The Reptilarium is being backed by individuals with over a decade of business experience on the Island in the pet reptile industry and in January 2017 we signed a 25 year lease on the building, it has had new exhibits installed and the doors opened in time for Easter 2017!! 

Thank you for taking the time to support our idea and we look forward to welcoming you to the Isle of Wight Reptilarium!