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Experience packages

If you are looking for a more personal experience that will give someone special a day to remember when you visit the Reptilarium we have a couple of experience packages that are certain to do just that. With the opportunity to book a keeper experience or a snake feeding experience, you are sure to have a visit to remember.

About our Experience packages...

We are pleased to offer two different experiences, with limited availabilities it is advisable to book early for your experience.  Here are the Key points you need to know..

A Keeper Experience is for 2 people, this can be Adult & Child or two Adults, or just one adult, It is £100 for the session, The session runs for one hour, is only available on Saturdays and runs between 9 am and 10 am Attendees must be on time as the session is run prior to the Zoo opening to the public. Once the session has finished you will be welcome to enjoy the zoo as a visitor throughout the day.  

On your experience you will be greeted by Louise the owner of the Reptilarium and Terrapin sanctuary and join her as she opens up the zoo ready for the day, you will have approximately 15 minutes to explore each room and will be able to tong feed some of the animals such as our Spiny tailed monitor lizard, Frilled Dragons and Terrapins. Louise will be with you to answer any of your questions about the animals and give you some interesting facts about them. Helping Louise as you go down through the Reptilarium rooms making sure all the animals are ok and have their needs met you may be called on to do a head count or help make sure the right environmental conditions are being provided! Once the hour is up and you have opened the doors to the Reptilarium to welcome the general public Louise will present you with a certificate as a memento of your fun and interesting experience. 

A Snake Feeding Experience is for 2 people, this can be Adult & Child or two Adults, or just one adult, It is £100 for the session, The session runs for one hour, is only available on Saturdays and runs between 4 pm and 5 pm. Attendees must be aware that during peak times, the start time may be delayed by up to an hour as they can only take place once we have cleared the Zoo of visitors, should the start be delayed you are welcome to enjoy the zoo prior to your experience and If you wish to spend time in a relaxed manner enjoying the animals then you are welcome to arrive and enjoy the zoo throughout the day prior to your experience commencing.  

Once the last visitors leave its time to close up the zoo and carry out the task that can only be done when we are closed - snake feeding. Prior to feeding the snakes you will join Louise as she walks down through the zoo making checks on the animals to see that all is ok, the perfect opportunity to ask any questions and learn some fun facts about the creatures in our care. Once the checks in all the rooms have been done its time to feed the snakes. Now be warned we only feed our snakes dead prey, this means dead mice and rats, so not for the squeamish. You will be able to watch Louise as she offers the snakes the food and hopefully, providing they are hungry you will get to watch them consume their meal as it slides down their necks whole in one go! Depending on your confidence level and the snakes temperament on the day you may be able to offer some food on tongs to a snake, but this will very much depend on how well behaved our snakes are when you visit. Once the six species of snakes have been fed, it will be time to close up the zoo for the day and before you turn the key in the lock, you will be presented with a certificate as a memento to your visit.  

Please Note - As a responsible zoo these are NOT animal handling experiences, we like all good zoos believe unnecessary handling by inexperienced persons on species and animals not acquainted to regular handling can be detrimental to their well being, we kindly ask that you do not ask to handle any of the animals during an experience as refusal often causes upset in younger visitors who are unable to grasp the ethical constraints.