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Discover our amazing creatures waiting to meet you ...

Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates come in all shapes and sizes and are found in all areas of the world apart from the polar regions, although there are some in the Artic!

Our Reptilarium (rep - til - arium think aquarium but with reptiles!) is split into four different zones, we start with the Desert zone which goes through to the Rainforest Zone, Next is the Turtle Temple which is our indoor pond housing the Terrapins in the Terrapin Sanctuary and finally into the Nocturnal Zone where the day/night cycle has been reversed enabling you to view the nocturnal (Night Active) species when they are awake. 

Desert Zone Creatures

In our desert themed room you will find all of our reptiles that like a warm and dry climate

Moroccon Uromastyx - Dwarf Sungazers - Acantharus Monitor Lizard - Blue Tongued Skink - Crevice spiny Lizards - Gopher Snake - Ocellated Uromastyx - 

rainforest Zone Creatures

In our Rainforest themed room you will find all of our reptiles that like a warm and humid climate

Panther Chameleon - Fijian Banded Iguanas - Golden Geckos - Giant Day Gecko - Yellow Rat Snake - Japanese Rat Snake - Garter Snakes - Chameleon Geckos - Frilled Dragons - Wood Turtles - Taiwanese Beauty Snakes - Plumed Basilisk

Turtle Temple

In our temple themed room you will find our 18000 Litre terrapin Pond. 

Red Eared Sliders - Yellow Bellied Sliders - Florida Cooters - Musk Turtles - Map Turtles

Nocturnal Room 

Night becomes Day and Day becomes Night in our Nocturnal room, here you will find all of our animals that are night active.

Gargoyle Geckos - Crested geckos - Cave Crickets - Whip scorpion - Cuban Tree Frogs - Chile Rose Tarantula - Giant Snails - Purple Blotched Toads - BumbleBee Toads - Land Hermit Crabs - Deaths Head Cockroaches - Tokay Gecko