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School Trips to the Reptilarium

Whether its to blow off some steam as an end of term treat or as part of an educational project, a visit to the Reptilarium is a great place to learn and have fun. Combine your visit with an exploration of the Country Park and your pupils will have a great visit. 

With our four themed areas of Desert, Rainforest, Terrapin sanctaury and Nocturnal, and live animals you will be able to link into the Key stage areas of learning from years 1 through to 6. 

We have a special discounted rate for School Parties of £3 per pupil, with no admission charge for staff (subject to minimum number of pupils).


Contact us to book your school visit to the Reptilarium on 01983 761582 or fill in the form below. 

Frequently asked questions..


Do you do a talk for the pupils...

We dont as we find that as soon as the children enter the Reptilarium they want to run about and explore the animals, once they have settled they start to throw out many questions. A member of staff will be on hand to answer any questions. 

Can we hold any of the animals...

No, we feel that enjoying our animals and wildlife should be about seeing them in a naturalistic setting and respecting them from a distance. 

Do you have any fact sheets etc...

Yes, please visit our resources page , from here you can download our explorer sheets which will help you discover the animals in the Reptilarium. There is also an Activity Pack you can download, we suggest you have a look through this and pick out the activities most suited to your group and photocopy them before or after your visit. 

How Long vill a visit take...

Allow an hour to enjoy the Reptilarium, combine your visit with an exploration of the Country Park, picnic, rockpooling etc and you can easily have a good day / half day out.  

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