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Donate to the Sanctuary

Since we opened the Reptilarium & Terrapin sanctuary the plan was to be self funding through admission fees. This way we could continue to offer sanctuary to the Terrapins we house here. The Terrapins are affected by the Current Invasive species legislation which means if they are unable to be housed at a sanctuary they must be euthanised!

However after surviving the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 - 2021 we now find ourselves in the midst of an energy crisis that has seen our electricity costs spiral out of control from £500 to nearly £2000 a month in the last 12 months. This is going to severely impact our ability to carry on. 

How you can help.. 

The stark reality is that our admission sales no longer meet our electricity costs! so sadly we are asking for additional help...


We have set up a paypal account that can accept one off payments or you can make it a repeat donation if you wish, by donating to the Reptilarium & Terrapin Sanctuary you will be helping us to carry on offering sanctuary to the Terrapins we house that were either given up as pets that could no longer be cared for or were found wandering in the wild.

Our most desperate need now is cash to pay the electricity bill! 

£1.00 - Provides electricity for one animal for one day.

£70 - Powers the whole Reptilarium for one day.


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