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Our "Green" credentials...

Green, Being Green, whats it all about when it comes to our business, we are well aware of "greenwashing" and thats not something we want to be doing as a business, so here we set out what we are doing to be "Green" and what we can do further....

What do we do to be "Green"....

  • Being a Reptile Zoo we consume electricity, all of our electricity is purchased from 100% renewable supplies. Last year we offset 5.6 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. 

  • All of our enclosures are sophisticated thermostatically controlled enclosures that deliver the right amount of heat and light, for the right duration required for each animal to keep electricity use to the minimum. 

  • In our zoo we have an 18,000 litre pond for terrapins, this year we installed additional UVC sterilisation units and chemical free sterilisation with ozone injection, to keep the water cleaner for longer, meaning less water changes. 

  • All of our leaflets and flyers are printed on recyled material

  • We no longer issue receipts, we always ask if a receipt is required, by doing this we have saved a load of paper and wallet litter!

  • All of the cardboard from our deliveries is returned to suppliers for re-use, plastic from deliveries is recyled.

  • The vast majority of our enclosure are "bio active", this means they are carefully balanced eco-systems with micro fauna and flora that break down waste within them, because of this only small amounts of animal waste is produced that needs removing and animal subtrate needs changing less frequently, when waste and substrate is removed we compost it. 

  • As we recycle all delivery packaging, compost the small amount of animal waste and process electronic waste (bulbs and tubes) as per WEEE guidelines, we dont send anything to landfill. 

  • We have a range of conservation initiatives to actually do something positive to the wildlife around us, check out our conservation page for more details 

  • We have many interpretation boards around our zoo which explain how you can make a difference to the planet and the threats faced to the animals we house. 

  • We have introduced a fully recyled and recylable range of soft toys in our gift shop, made completely from recycled bottles. 

  • If a bag is required then a paper bag is offered to our visitors. 

  • We clearly explain to our visitors how they can travel to us in sustainable ways here

  • All of the wood used in construction of the zoo and encliosures came from FSC sources.

  • All of the paper towel and stationary we use is either from a fully recyled or FSC source.

What more can we do? These are the aims we are currently working on as we work towards our Green impact award -

  • Replace any remaining chemical based cleaners with enviromentally friendly versions

  • Reduce the plastic offering in our gift selection and move towards more natural based product

Vote For us 

We have been nominated in the 2022 Red Funnel awards in the Greenest business category, if you feel our efforts are worthy of a vote please do so using this link -

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