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Conservation Summary 2022 - 2023

Since the end of all lockdown restrictions (remember them..) we have been able to get stuck into our conservation actions, Here is a summary of what we have managed to achieve in the last 12 months...

  • Carried out routine surveys of 7 reptile sites on the Island, 36 surveys, 330 refugia checked, 50+ records created.

  • Purchased survey equipment for monitoring reptile populations in the country park.

  • Recorded Biodiversity in the immediate area, created 82 records of 59 species.

  • Planted coastal wild flowers and native wild flower species, 1600 seedballs planted.

  • Monitored the population of Red Squirrels in the country park, confirmed the presence of breeding individuals, and continue to carry out routine surveys.

  • Confirmed the presence of breeding newts in the country park, carried out pond maintenance.

  • Created Stag beetle habitats, continue to create and improve stag beetle habitats and carry out routine surveys for the presence of stag beetles.

  • Carried out an investigation into the presence of a leech species feeding on amphibians in conjunction with Hampshire & IOW Amphibian, Reptile Group (HIWARG), Bug Life and ZSL Garden Wildlife Health, Our fieldwork confirmed the presence of a previously undetected leech species in the UK.

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